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Science Contacts

General Elementary Middle High

NEW DEPARTMENT!  Science is now part of the Math, Science, and Gifted Department of the Instruction and Interventions Division.

Science and Engineering Contacts:

Mailing Address via US Postal service:
600 SE Third Avenue, 12th Floor
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301
Via Pony:
KCW 12th Floor
Main Phone Number: 754-321-2119

Science Supervisors (KCW 13th Floor):

  • Dr. Lisa V. Milenkovic – lisa.milenkovic@browardschools.com
  • Dr. Merilyn Blair-Johnson - merilyn.johnson@browardschools.com

Instructional Specialists (KCW 12th Floor)

Elementary Science

  • Rosina (Rosie) Bencivenga – rosina.bencivenga@browardschools.com
  • Erik Leitner – erik.leitner@browardschools.com
  • Rebecca Malones – rmalones@browardschools.com
  • Collet Woolley – collett.woolley@browardschools.com

Secondary Science

  • Tammy Barnes – tamara.barnes@browardschools.com
  • Kettyna Bellabe – kettyna.bellabe@browardschools.com
  • Jo Combs – jo.combs@browardschools.com
  • Cynthia (Cindy) Knupp – cynthia.knupp@browardschools.com
  • Kenyatta McKie – kenyatta.mckie@browardschools.com

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